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(i) Subject matter: There must be some subject matter to insure such as property, life or life. In fire insurance the subject matter of insurance can be buildings, stock or machinery; under a liability policy, it can be a person’s legal liability for injury or damage; with a life policy, the subject matter of insurance is the life being assured; in marine insurance, it can be the ship, its cargo or the ship owners, legal liability to third parties for injury or damage.
(ii) Legalisation:  The insured must have some legally recognized relationship with the subject matter insured.
(iii) Insurance benefit: The insured must be benefited by the safety of the subject matter and he should suffer if the subject matter is lost, damaged or destroyed.
(iv) Recognised entity: The subject matter must be definite and should be recognized easily.
(v) Measurability: The subject matter should be measured in terms of money.


(i) During the processing of document
(ii) Unvailability of permanent document
(iii) Lost of document

(i) Vehicle insurance
(ii) Fire insurance
(iii) Burglary insurance
(iv) Accident insurance

(i) Policy holder’s Name
(ii) Plate number
(iii) Issuance date
(iii) Expiry date
(iv) Policy number
(v) Insurance company name



(i) Bank drafts
(ii) urrency notes
(iii) Treasury notes
(iv) Cheques
(v) Postal orders

(i) Insurance provides certainty: Insurance provides certainty of payment at the uncertainty of loss. The uncertainty of loss can be reduced by better planning and administration.But, the insurance relieves the person from such difficult task. Moreover, if the subject matters are not adequate, the self-provision may prove costlier.
(ii) Insurance provides protection: The main function of the insurance is to provide protection against the probable chances of loss. The time and amount of loss are uncertain and at the happening of risk, the person will suffer the loss in absence of insurance. WAEC 
(iii) Risk-Sharing: The risk is uncertain, and therefore, the loss arising from the risk is also uncertain. When risk takes place, the loss is shared by all the persons who are exposed to the risk.

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