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Thursday, 27th August 2020

Geography 2 (Essay) 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Geography 1(Objective) 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Geography 3 (Practicals) 2pm – 3;50pm


Geography Objective

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(i) Professional development reimbursement.

(ii) Performance & career development programs.

(iii) Frequent company social activities & opportunities to give back to the community.


(i) import/export processes.

(ii) heavy human and vehicular congestion around the ports.

(iii) difficulty in gaining access to the ports due to bad roads.





(ii)Fossil fuel


(i)Solar energy

(ii)Wind energy


(i)Bad governance

(ii)Lack of technological equipments

(iii)Low funds

(iv)political Division


(i)Good governance should be installed.

(ii)Nigeria Energy companies should be provided with Modern age technological gadgets.

(iii)Funds should be they first thing to be pumped to develop a project like this. You need funds and skilled engineers.

(iv)Politics should taken away from this aspect, because its what’s killing they system when Nigeria is too political about thermal energy building it brings they country down to its side.




(i) Trees have buttress roots and aerial roots

(ii) It has scanty under-growth

(iii) Plants have soft and green barks to make transportation efficient


(i) Source of raw materials for industries; rainforest has a lot of timber’s in which the industries use in their various activities. By this,the government enjoy the benefit of tax to increase government revenue

(ii) Provision of food; It also serve as source of food for the people which can be consumed locally and internationally

(iii) Provision of medicine; Some plant in this belt has medicinal values to cure diseases which can boost the country’s image

(iv) Source of fuel ; In this belt, wood can be obtained which is used for cooking



(i) Climatic Conditions: Climatic or soil conditions in certain areas are suited for the production of a particular


(ii) Nearness to Raw Materials: Nearness to raw materials is a dominant factor in the location of an industry, especially that industry which uses bulky raw material that is expensive to transport and looses weight in the manufacturing process.

(iii) Nearness to Sources of power: Nearness to the sources of power is another important cause of localisation of industries.

(iv) Nearness to Markets: Before starting an industry, an entrepreneur has to take into consideration the market potentialities of his product.

(v) Adequate and Trained Labour: Industries tend to be concentrated in those areas where adequate supplies of trained labour are available.


(i)Reputation: The place where an industry is localised gains reputation, and so do the products manufactured

there. As a result, products bearing the name of that place find wide markets, such as Sheffield cutlery,

(ii)Skilled Labour: Localisation leads to

specialisation in particular trades. As a result, workers skilled in those trades are attracted to that place.

(iii)Growth of Facilities: Concentration of an industry in particular locality leads to the growth of certain facilities there. To cater to the needs of the industry, banks and financial institutions open their branches, whereby the firms are able to get timely credit facilities.

(iv)Subsidiary Industries: Where industries are localised, subsidiary industries grow up to supply machines, tools, implements and other materials, and to utilise their by-products.

(v)Employment Opportunities: As a corollary to the above, with the localisation of an industry in a particular locality and the establishment of subsidiary industries, employment opportunities considerably increase in that locality.



(i)houses are close together.

(ii)Social services are available in these settlements.

(iii)Roads are narrow in the old parts of these settlements.

(iv)People from different castes, religions,races and ideologies live together in these settlements and hence they have a better social life.


(i)Selling expensive or rare goods/services e.g. Lagos.

(ii)Providing jobs in industry or services.

(iii)As an administration centre for the area around it.

(iv)As an entertainment centre, for example offering sporting attractions, shopping areas, restaurants.


(i)Body of water (transportation routes, water for drinking and farming)

(ii)Flat land (easy to build)

(iii)Fertile soil (for crops)

(iv)Forests (timber and housing)



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